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Several of us have the C5 brake upgrade.

Well, GM, in their infinite wisdom, retained the same front spindles for the C6.

That means, provided you have 18" wheels, you can run the C6 13.4" Z51 rotors and calipers (you have to buy the C6 Z51 pad abutment brackets to space the caliper out another .3", plus I think you'll need C6 calipers, as they are slightly different from the C5's).

And, the coupe de grace is, the C6 Z06 calipers bolt directly to the caliper mounts on the C5 spindles. meaning if you have the C5 upgrade, the C6 caliper bolts directly to the upgrade bracket. Now, again, you'll have to have 18" wheels to fit that 6 piston caliper and big rotor.

But...ultra-exotic brakes have just been made cheaper thanks to GM.

I've already looked into mounting the Z06 calipers up with the stock 12.8" C5 rotor in a 17" wheel and it would take a custom bracket that's shortened, plus the pads would overhang the rotor, etc. Just won't work.
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