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Corvette production interrupted due to wheel supply issue

AutoWeek | Published 12/28/05, 3:25 pm et

General Motors has sent a memo to dealers informing them that Corvette wheel supply has ?experienced significant disruption? and production of certain models could be delayed as a result.

GM says the wheel supply situation has caused it to make ?several adjustments affecting wheel options, production volumes and production schedules.?

Dealers will have to change Corvette orders based on wheel availability. Wheel company Amcast, which went into bankruptcy on Dec. 2, supplied the wheels.

GM says wheel supply is still uncertain, and thus GM?s order fulfillment and distribution department is unable to follow the normal process of returning orders to dealers for necessary changes.

Polished wheels will not be available from GM?s new supplier. GM is changing all orders scheduled to be built after Jan. 3 from polished wheels to silver painted wheels. Further, the much-anticipated chrome wheel option will be postponed until ?late spring production.?

GM says any substitution of a lower cost wheel will be reflected in a reduced MSRP and invoice. Additionally, overall wheel availability may delay production dates of orders already in the system.

GM says the impact on Z06 production is still undetermined.
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