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I have 4L60E trans built and ready to go. We have LT1 and LS1 cases. $1750+core Add a stall converter for $600 Or local $2600 installed with your choice of Stall.

Machine pump body and cover to insure true and flat faces
Set pump rotor and slide clearance to .0015-.002 thousandths
High output pump slide spring
Billet aluminum boost valve in pump
Install hardened stator shaft in pump cover
hi-pro friction 2-4 band with solid lining
Hi energy frictions with koleen steels 3-4 clutch
29 element forward sprag
4L65E low roller clutch
Beast heavy duty sun shell with bearing
New Zpac clutches
New bushings
New GM solenoids
New seals, gaskets, and filter
Install Transgo HD-2 performance shift kit with 2 washers
Corvette servo
Aluminum 1-2 and forward accumulator piston upgrade replaces plastic pistons

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