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Well I finally made it to the track last night after work and broke the damn thing again! This is the first time going to the track since I broke an axle back in May. The 9" with 4.11 I built does great, the Z bars I built do their job (they plant the tires very good) but coming off the line they make the back end of the body bounce up and down. I might try some adjustable shocks of some sort to slow the body from coming back down so fast after the Z bars try to pick the rear of the body up.

It had just started barely misting when I pulled up to the line and I figured I could get one run in. It launched great then when I hit second it fish tailed a lil and drifted me over to the center line, but I never let out. lol About halfway thru third it picked up a terrible vibration and I ended up running an 8.47 in the 1/8, a new best but it will go a lil faster, still need a tune plus all the slippin' and slidin' I did didn't help none.

I finally limped home, it wouldn't vibrate as long as I was on the gas but as soon as I let off or put it in neutral and coasted it would shake yer teeth out. Jacked it up today and grabbed the driveshaft and shook it and it looks like the tailshaft bearing in the trans is gone. Time for a rebuild I reckon.

I'm starting to hate the drag strip!! Where can I get a rebuild kit for the trans??
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