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boost gauge

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autometer carbon fiber boost gauge. new in box. 50 shipped
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how do i go about sending money and things
i dont know you so i dont want to get F&&&ed
paypal is what id prefer taking. its insurance for both of us, and quicker to boot.
could you post a pic of it please.
if i like it you will have the money before next week
well, ill link to Jegs, since they have the same one, but if you want, ill go get it outta the car tomorrow and take a pic of it w. a digital camera...up to you. just let me know :)

it looks better in ill get a digi cam and take a pic tomorrow :)
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hey are you still selling it?
if so tell me and you will have to go through the paypal thing with my mother, she has an account. she said she had no problem doing this.let me know
yea, still selling it.

[email protected] is my paypal email. so you can have your mother send 50 to me, or you can give me her email and i can request it.
i just looked at it in a summit and i can get a brand new one for almost that price. sorry im a idiot
ok, do it asap if you can, as i was just informed my ship my be heading out sometime this week down to the Gulf Coast for humanitarian i would like to get it sent out to you before my ship leaves...
still for sale :(
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