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Block prep for heads

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I'm gonna be prepping my block surface for my heads in the driveway, would scuffing pad (red) and brake cleans be sufficient for surface prep?

Also, would honing the cylinders with motor in car be a bad idea? I know it's kind of a dumb question. Just a thought because the heads are off
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You must have the pistons out to hone the cylinder walls,so forget that. Also I like to use a scraper that has a single edge razor blade for getting the block surfaces clean, then a clean rag with acetone or possibly brake cleaner. Then I use a shop vac that has good power and use it to vacuum
out all the bolt holes and passages and especially the cylinders and pistons,try and get in and around the tops of the pistons,usually alot of grit falls into that area,once all that area is super clean ,I would use a clean rag with some new motor oil to wipe down the cylinder walls,I know
I am particular, but this is the way I do it. ed :thumbsup:
Just be wary of using any sort of power tool with a orbiting abrasive, its very easy to create waves in your head surface. Same goes with hand sanding, but it takes a lil longer to do.

Heads were shaved, just need to prep the block
Josh, Just the same, I never trust anyones cleaning but myself,I would
re-clean the heads and vacuum them out only as a precaution. One time I HAD CRANK SHAFT CUT, it came back to me in a nice double sealed plastic bag ,when I opened the bag and ran a pipe cleaner thru one of the oil holes a bunch of metal chips came out ,so thats why I clean everything myself! ed
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