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Not that you couldn't have guessed. Gas prices ARE changing people's behaviors...they aren't buying big SUVs as much.

This bodes well for the car market IMO...I don't see a lot of cross over between performance coupes and SUVs other than perhaps men that want a manly car, but it can't hurt to have more buyers looking for smaller vehicles.

The decline of the SUV
October 5, 2005

Sales of sport-utility vehicles are declining, as gas prices rise and car-like crossover vehicles become more fashionable.

Vehicle type----2005 sales thru Sept---% change from a year ago
Small SUV------151,171---------------- +2.0%
Medium SUV----1,223,935-------------- -6.7%
Large SUV------481,309---------------- -16.3%
Luxury SUV-----170,331---------------- +2.7%
TOTAL SUV-----2,026,746-------------- -7.9%
Crossovers------1,542,633------------- +16.6%
Source: Autodata Corp.
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