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best heads

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what heads would be best? I have a cc503 cam, pacesetter headers, I wanna go with 1.6 roller rockers, and I bored over to a 355. its a m6 car with 4.10 gears. what roller rockers are also the best combo with head suggestions?
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Well I am partial to AFR (195 or 210) but Trickflow builds an excellent head also.AFR 195's are to small block 383 and smaller where the 210's are for 383 and larger. I know i know but it depends on how radicall your combo is. Comp pro mag's are what most on here like but nobody can go wrong with Jesel rockers $$$$$$.
Your question sounds too simple for someone with all those mods. Don't tell me u haven't googled LT1 head comparisons by now? If your a troll i'm just wasting my time but if not u can try this link: LT1 Cylinder Head Comparison - GM High-Tech Performance Magazine
U won't find anyone that has tried more one or two sets of aftermarket heads at the most.:lol:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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