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bent input shaft new clutch???

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hey guys i posted in the past about a vibration problem. I have changed flywheel,clutch,pilot bearing,trans mount. now i have come to the conclusion that the input shaft is bent be cuase the pilot bearing was ate up. now i have a new t56 to put in it and what im needing to know is can i use the same clutch? i have only have had the clutch for 3 years. i maybe drove the car for 6 months and then parted it because i couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. thanks
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inspect clutch disc spline for signs of gauling. if the old input shaft was wobbling bad enough it could have damaged it but I suspect it is fine.

your old tranny may have had a bad front bearing causing the shaft to wobble and kill the pilot bearing vs shaft being bent

slide the old disc over the new tranny spline, it should be snig but not bind. use a very thin layer of high temp grease on the input shaft on the install. NOT to much as you don't want grease slinging on the clutch, just a thin layer
ok thanks for the info :LS1LT1flag:
ok i have been dealing with this vibration problem for a while now. Its a 97 ta m6 here is a list of everything i have done to it new trans mount,flywheel,clutch,rebuilt t56, and a new pilot bearing.The motor only has 32,xxx miles since rebuilt and now i'm completely out of ideas. it all started after my clutch messed up. i went to turn it on and it didnt. i tried again and it did but when i would press the clutch it wouldnt disengauge. When i got home i turned it off and tried again but nothing so my unlce wanted to push start it and it worked but made a horrible noise. so i pulled the tranny when i did the clutch fork wouldnt move back and i had to move my tranny side to side when i got the tranny off the clutch fork had broke off of the bolt that holds it in place and got jammed some how. once i got the tranny off there was alot of metal shaving in the bellhousing of the tranny. now that you know what happened. i guess what im really wanting to know is did i mess up the motor i have changed everything i can think of to fix the problem.the car vibrates at idle not bad but there. when i am driving i get get it up to about 2900-4500 rpm its bad i can feel it in the shifter. it kinda feels more toward the back its really noticeable in 3rd and 4th. i can put it in neutral and rev it and its fine no crazy vibration. i have not changed the u joint out. does the lt1 have some vibration? and can exhaust cause it to vibrate at idle? im out of ideas and need help sorry for the long story
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