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Back in a Bird where I belong.

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My first car was a 96 Firebird v6. Had that from when I was 18 until about 24. It started misfiring bad, so I traded it in for a 2001 Camaro v6. After two years I learned that maybe driving these things all year round wasnt the best idea. Bought a boring 02 monte. Luckily I had a 1985 trans am for summer. After a couple years of that, I decided I HAD to have a corvette. It was an 88. I just never really bonded with it, and the thing turned out to have been wrecked. So two years later I sold it and was looking at Firebirds again.

Found a 95 convertible that somebody had put an LT1 into. I'll definitely need some advice later on to make sure the person did everything right, but the car manged it's hour and a half drive home without incident. It's good to have a Firebird in the garage again.

Chances are I'll be peeling off those Formula stickers (it's not a real Formula) and getting some tasteful wheels.
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It looks like you're missing your MAF sensor. I actually like your wheels too, I think the car just needs to be stance. Something like a 1" drop should do. Good looking ride for sure. Welcome to the LT1 side of the house...
I did notice that it had no maf. My first thought was that some years are speed density, but Im too new at v8 4th gens to know. I'm starting to think that the engine setup is from a 93. The computer is a 16159278 which comes up as 93 bird/camaro and 92-93 vette. The speedo cluster comes up as a 93 too. Noticed that one while undoing somebody's air-bag-less "racing" steering wheel. I havent checked the head castings yet but they're aluminum at least.

The weather was terrible driving it home so I stayed off the gas, but yes it did run poorly if I stepped on it. Either a misfire or a knock. I'm pretty sure somebody put a 160 stat in it too because the gauge stayed around 1/4 and I was freezing the whole way home.

The wheels are just too open for me. It'll be a while before I have money to put into some brake hardware worth showing off.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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