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Hello guys and gals long time since I’ve posted anything hope all is well!

Yesterday when I started my car to go to work and started to leave my driveway I noticed the ASR and BRAKE light were both on.

So I turned the car off and restarted it and the lights turned off like they normally do after start up. I hit the ASR button and the light turned on like normal just to make sure it was still working . Then I pulled the parking brake up and down and it worked normally turning the brake light off when the brake is down.

As soon as I let the clutch out and tried to drive the lights came back on.

And now it’s doing it consistently every time I drive the car. The lights seem to come on when I first let off the brake after starting the engine.

The asr is definitely disabled though and not just the light. I took her for a spin today and got sideways through 3rd gear ? lol

I’ve been scouring all the forums and have checked several things on the car including.

Cleaned ground connections under the hood. Replaced third tail light bulbs. One was burned out.
Disconnected battery for 5 minutes. Checked brake fluid it looks good.

Most people that have had the asr and brake light on have also had a abs inop light on and mine is staying off so not sure what that means.

The car seems to operating with no issues the brakes feel great.

Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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ASR threw me off. Until I looked in 95 service manual and found out chevy used term ASR in place of TCS. Have you downloaded the 95 service manual at My Files

It has a whole section devoted to ABS with traction control. The tests shown in manual call for a tech 1 scanner to do them. However, the free lt1 based scan program called "scan9495" will do ABS. Get program at My Files

Get the newest version in lt1 v8 folder.

You will need a 16 pin obd 1 cable to connect car's dlc with usb port of PC based computer. You can get it at

Use manual & scan9495 to help find your trouble.
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