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Id like to hit up the track here really soon. I know with street tires and stock rear suspension ill still be in the 13's, I am just wondering what the MPH will look like.

Last year i ran 13.2 at 104.9 on street tires, heavier tremec trans, cobra intake,GT cam, unported gt40 heads, and junkyard 120K mile 302

this year i have home ported heads w/ 3 angle valve job, fresh fully built 306, cobra intake, and a lighter T5 tranny w/ poly mounts.

The car has alot more steam, but im running a smaller cobra cam in the shortblock. the cam makes it run out of juice around 5K, we will see how it does with this setup soon then i can look into cam options, even though i love the drivability of the Cobra cam.
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