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Anyone installed a single spintech in place of the crossflow muffler?

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I think i'd like the sound of spintech better than something like flowmaster. I had written them off as an option for a direct bolt-in/weld-in replacement for the stock crossflow muffler, as all of the vids i've seen had them in true dual setups, etc...

While browsing through their site I noticed they had a "Build your Own" section, with options to select offset 2.5" in, and dual 2 1/4" out. The overall length appears to be much shorter, though. While the Flowmaster crossflow 80 series, for example, is 29" Case Length, and 23" overall, the largest "Non-SUV" spintech muffler is about 16" Case length. I bet this would cause a problem with a muffler shop trying to use the stock tailpipes.

They list a catback system here:

'96-'97 Camaro / Trans Am - 3 - Exhaust Systems - Cars - Chevy - Camaro / Trans Am - 131396 '96 -' 97Camaro / Trans Am 3" Catback System - SpinTech Performance Mufflers

Any idea what specific muffler is in that kit?

Anyway, I was curious if anyone has gone with a single spintech crossflow type muffler, what series you went with, and whether you have any sound/video clips?
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Yep I am installing a single Spintech muffler in the back. It's configured just like the stock muffler.

If anyone wants a sound clip, let me know!

I am anxious to hear it, myself!
hear clip

yeah, please post a clip .
Cool. I will probably be getting the exhaust piping done within the next 6 weeks. I'll post a video for sure, so people can hear what the LT1 sounds like with this muffler.
I haven't forgotten about this thread. Still trying to get my car to run properly.
Haven't forgotten. Just have to out the muffler/pipe in. Still waiting.
Here are two clips of Nick's (95Z28sixspeed) car. We took the Flowmaster off and installed a Spintech
Hey thanks for the clip.

I'll post mine when I get my exhaust finished. Working on doing custom long tube headers, at the moment.

I have to say I do love the sound of my 16" Dynomax Bullet.
Soon. ha ha ha

I'm building a 383 right now and am going to run a 3" exhaust running to the Spintech

I am dying to hear how it sounds. I'll post a video here.

Does anyone know if a GoPro will reproduce the sound nicely? I know on my phone when I rev up the car, it distorts the sound.
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