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Anyone have sound clip of SW chambered exhaust LT1?

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As the title states, I already checked the thread labeled "exhaust clips" thats pinned and it seems like a dead thread anyways, last posted video clip was in 2016. Anyways, I'm looking at the Stainless Works chambered exhaust. I'm aware of the raspiness and all the bad stuff people say about chambered exhausts, however I don't care about drone or pitch, I HAD a "GMMG" chambered exhaust on 1994 LT1 camaro and loved it. but stainless works looks like it would logically sound different because theres 3 chambered mufflers (glasspacks) and less piping in total length compared to GMMG because GMMG at the end of the exhuast wraps back and for like a maze before it hits the tail pipes.

I have searched everything and found a "thread" on LS1Tech about a guy complaining about weld qualities on kooks headers and stainless works glasspacks.... people will always complain, moving on... I was looking for anyone that may have asound clip of this exhaust, preferably will long tube headers, no cat and mild - choppy camshaft spec like xfi280 or cc306 ... Since thats the setup I have minus the exhaust.
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I was simply glancing through Ecklers a day or two ago and they had a page with the suppressor eliminators on it, yet additionally offered the eliminator pipes with a chambered line, inquisitive if anybody could have any information on what these would seem like... The vehicle is a stock 92 LT1, I just introduced the Melrose fumes headers and full 3 inch framework on the vehicle and I was searching for something not really boisterous yet with a pleasant tone...

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