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BGN8711's '86 Chestnut T-Type stolen 9/10 from Brea Mall in Orange County, CA



Board member BGN8711's '86 Chestnut T-Type with W02 blackout trim was stolen late this afternoon from the Brea Mall in Orange County, CA. I will post CA plate info as I get it. Witnesses decribe the thief as a large bald African-American male and he was seen driving out of the parking lot. The police were altered very soon after the theft but their surveillance of the 57 Freeway (which runs right by the mall) has turned up nothing.

Plate number 5NZF404 or very close to that.

The vehicle has a gold interior which is in good shape. The car is also distinctive as it is lowered 1" and has non-OEM 16" billet wheels with 50 series tires. The killer is that Brian has owned this vehicle less than 4 months and we both have spent quite a bit of time working on it.

More info posted as I get it; will also post this in the Stolen Vehicle forum.

If you have any info please contact Brian Plunkett at (714) 993-2130 or the Brea Police Department.
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This is getting ridiculous!
Hope the guy gets it back in one piece
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