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Hey welcome to the board!! ANOTHER Hoosier Guy huh.... Lol, j/k!! I have seen more than a few Indiana Guys on here-u guys must like FAST cars!! I can dig it tho!! Well ima newbie myself so I wouldn't b the one to give u too much advice... But I CAN say this; I traded a built 85 Moro(can be seen in my album) for a 95 T.A. project-I received an extra stock 95 lt1 block, stock cam & stock pistons ect. to complete my trade. So my first thought was to build the block up an make a mean strip monster. After pricing parts, machine work, an labor I was at roughly I like to think I have pretty good connections an pay a tad bit less than the average shopper!! So i started looking into crate motors an found a bad azz 383 STROKER with 405hp-440tq READY-TO-RIDE, with 30month/50k mile warranty-it was uncannily familiar to the set up I picked out AND was 2500$ LESS!!! Everything from your Carb to your timing is set up an ready to drop in. They even go as far as to dyno'd test an in some cases strip test the motors an ship results with motor!! They'll even tell you what converters to put in your tranny an gears to stick in the back!! So it's the best option FOR ME. I know EVERYONES DIFFERENT, an those who can do there own work them self is always going to trust there own work over a another's( I know I would if I could)...I don't have that luxury so this way is the most stress free way to assure what's going under my hood is a proven set up/recipes for success. SO THAT'S HOW I WENT/AM GOING ABOUT IT!! I'm keep checking this trend out because there's SSSOOOOO many different ways u could get 500hp to the ground there's really not a right or wrong answer(I wanna see some advice from season Pontiac vets), you really just gotta decide what's right for you. But like my Uncle Paul says every time I mess something up on my car-IT MIGHT COST YOU A LITTLE,OR IT MIGHT COST YOU ALOT.....BUT EATHER WAY IT'S GONE COST YA-LMAO!!!!!!! But great long term goal an good luck in the pursuit of speed!!!! I'm trying join the 10second club MYSELF (jus watch, ima get there!!!)!!!!! SO WELCOME TO THE BOARD
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