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Aluminum or Billet Steel Flywheel?

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Got a 97 Trans Am. I bought a ram powergrip hd clutch and I need to now get a flywheel for it. I want to get your opinions on what I should go with. The car is stock and I plan to keep it that way for now. I do mostly city driving I live in NYC. The only reason im looking to get one of these flywheels is because RAM says it is required.
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Your stock flywheel is good enough. If you are still having second thoughts call them. They say billet because RAM requires shatter proof flywheels which the stocker is. Trust me it is fine. But if money is no object and you dont mind spending money when you dont have to then light weight is the way to go. The aluminum has a steel facing. Either or is fine tho. I would stay with the stock one tho. Hell thats what I use.
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