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All hail the BBC...

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Here's a forum where we can talk the good ol' Rat, the King of the Track.

While the SBC has the reputation of being the most hot rodded engine, at the 1/4 mile the Rat really shines. At Bandimere Raceway, they noted recently that around half of the cars that race there have a Chevy engine, and over half of those are BBC's. Since the vast majority of those racing there are amateurs who need to watch pennies, that's a significant statistic.

Personally, I've got the baby of the family - 1966 396 of 325 horse variety, minor mods such as .030" over rebuild, forged TRW pistons, stock closed chamber heads treated to home porting and polishing, 2.06/1.72" valves, around 10:1 CR, General Kenetics 270 hydraulic flat tappet cam, Comp Magnum roller tip rockers, Weiand Action+ dual plane intake, Holley double pumper with 750 CFM Proform mainbody, HEI large cap distributor with Accel box, Hedman hedders intended for the Impala chassis the engine/trans came out of. I've never had it dyno'd, but gross crank HP estimate is in the 400 sea level range. I'd like to get a Comp solid cam and RPM Air Gap type intake sometime in the near future to up the grunt a little. Grunt is the word since it's pushing around 3850 pounds down the track. But, it doesn't complain.

Looking forward to sharing info about our fav rodent!
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One of my friends just dropped a 454 BBC into his '79 Malibu. He's runnin it now with a TH400 and a 9". We're planning out how we're gonna get the heads worked and the cam grind he's gonna use right now.
TheRoad64 said:
The 454/TH400/Ford 9inch is a proven combo. I still need the rear end.
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