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Air/Fuel Gauge install

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I want to install an A/F Gauge on my 96SS. Can I use one of the 4 original O2 sensor wires for a signal, or do I need to install a separate O2 sensor? If I can use one of the original wires, does it make any difference which one? What is the best way to tap onto the wire? Thanks :LS1LT1flag:
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No..No.. don't touch the original O2 sensors or wires, it will mess things up. Stock O2 sensors are what are called "Narrow Band" (higher frequency) which means they switch at very high rate up and down whenever each single plug fires, they feed the computer. AFR gauges are usually run of a "Wide Band' (lower frequency) O2 sensor that switches much more slowly and reads an average of all the plugs firing. You need to take it to an exhaust shop and get additional bung(s) welded into the exhaust for the additional WB sensor(s). Need one for each side so you can move it back a forth, when you want to test each bank.
I just got a performance tune on my 02 ws6 and they took off my o2 sensors is there away that I can hook up something that will work my air/fuel gauge?
Sorry not enough info to answer.... Assume tuner disabled after CAT O2's because you don't have CATs. If before CAT O2's were removed you are running Open Loop tune. Are you highly modded (add a signature, it helps) . W/O cats you could use rear bung(s) for WB sensor(s), but I'd rather have the sensors closer to manifolds or headders. IMO W/O front O2's a WB is a necessity if those bungs are open use them..
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