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All lt1s put 270 280 to the ground
Bet your getting great gas milage with that restricter plate you installed.
carborator carborator caborator
and i saw it the hole in manafold looking at pics
The lower hole looked at pic of back of throttle body
a vac plate edge spring loaded or for weights
try pushing it open with pencil
aa vacume secondary like on 4 barrels

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guess its just a hole
But is it a metered air hole ?
Can you blow air through it?
I bought the holly air foil put it on Car would not get out of its own way .
ported it like the other air foils car still lacking power .
thew it in a box to never look back.
Felt like 50 - 70 horse loss to me.
Honestly can you think of any car that Ford Vader hated more than the fourth gen Camaros and Firebirds???
MSD all of a sudden doesnt work for snot.
Bought out by Ford Holly companies LOL
All of a sudden cheep spark plug wire companies like Tailor say low impedence on the wires
But run terrible .
I bet 10 bucks to any one they are owned by Ford companies.
Moroso And AC Delco are the only ones loyal to GM.
I watch tons of youtube videos on forth gens racing .
Some pull hard through out the power band .
Some do the low end burnout and run out of wind right after.
Again Does the hole go through to the Backside???
Im caught up right now some feed back would be nice thanks
I always hear our forth gens are out dated dont compete with newer cars .
My Lt1 hasnt Bowed down to any engine yet ...
Its had about 4 different kinds of bad wires in it though

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Just went and measured my hole some what over 1/8 inch a 1/8 inch equals 3 .125 millimeters un checked and under forced induction not a pipe but a thin plate no back pressure .
thats the oldest stocker racing cheat in the book drill a hole in the carb trick .
So what youve done is traded 6 hp for 30-40 horsepower and 60 -80 foot pounds of tork at WOT
So the fix is not to chuck it .
Drill a 1/2 inch hole in through back of air foil and port and polish the hole for best of both worlds.
means your throttle body is a 51 and a quarter millimeter carb throttle body
Im not going to tell you my friends name
lets just say hes a pole sitter who has three bedrooms full of 1st place trophys
1st time I met him I told him about grinding the 240 restrictor plate right in front of the scca officials
to open that hole back up cause I knew the air foil did bad things lol
I told them it was about car weight and thats legal and they agreed it was ok lol
My freind immediatly told me of 40 plus cheats .
He said after they check your car 3 times its on.they dont check it any more
He was telling me about hollowing out a 300 pound weight in the center of his car.
Any way he just guarantied me that over 1/8th inch hole was 30-40 hp and 60-80 tork.
And hed know.
on my 68 Javelin For Racing only you knock the weight off the secondaries vac butterflies
on carter racing carb .
and drivability was crap power blocking at stop lights but racing the secondaries opened of the line
it was a gas.
And I just proved the air foil power a myth unless you drill it.

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Talking with my self Whats the Hole for anyway??
Well its for cooling the lower half the manafold
Kind of like the throttle body bypass
but even more so with the throttle body bypass
like when your at drag strip and ambient temp drops 10 degrees you get a better pull more hp and tork .
Wow that sounds pretty intelligent .
Yeh even retards get it right once in a while.
cooler Heads prevail
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