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aftermarket racing seat install?

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i searched but came up with nothing credible does any one have a write up on how to do it or know how it can be done cost effectively, my seats are shot and would like some nice red racing seats in the front with the backs re apolstered to match.
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3rd and 4th gen seats have the same tracks and spacing for the tracks. I say this because, when I needed new seats for my 3rd gen I got a set of really good seats from another 3rd gen, only to discover they were Ford seats.

What I did was to take the Ford tracks off the new seats, they unbolted, and install the 3rd gen tracks on the seats which unbolt from seats also. 1 bolt matched up on each seat pair. So I covered the Ford seat cover with a welding blanket, and gave the 3rd gen track a couple of welds along the track.

They work great and look pretty good also, as they resemble 3rd gen seats.

This info would apply to racing seats, or any bucket seat, as long as the seat body is made of steel.

And of course, the seat fits in the car.
There are tracks that are specific to the fbody bolt pattern etc. You should sit in seats before you drop big money on them and end up hating them.
Do you know what brand is specific
Are you looking for brackets for aftermarket seats or just seats in general? If its aftermarket I have a set of Corbeau brackets for 93 up (not sure if they fit older or not).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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