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After market fluid balance question

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My stock bolt and washer doesn't fit my new balancer, fluid balancer, and I would like to know where to find the correct bolt and washer. I have a 97 firebird.
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If you bought it new,their should have been a pack of small parts/fasteners that came in the box. If used,then I would call the company that manufactured it and ask them what they use. BTW,exactly
what brand of harmonic balancer are you trying to install? ed
It's a fluidamper, I got it from Sumitt.
So there were no small parts or installation kit that came with the item,does Summitt or the damper mfg. sell an install kit? And what exactly dosent fit? Bolt to long, washer to big? ed
I just found out that the stock washer is not wide enough. So I'm out and about checking hardware stores and auto stores
Check into ARP hardware.
The underhead length may need trimmed down a bit.. mine did for a ATI balancer.
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