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after doing headgasket on LT1 how much time and miles did the bottom end last

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I had a headgasket failure which allowed about 8-12oz worth of antifreeze get into my oil...drove the car a total of up to 40miles this was not floored up to 3500rpm a couple of times mainly 2500rpm to idle cruising

anyways please estimate how long and how many miles you have gotten out of your bearings in the bottom end before you threw a rod or new the motor was finished. I am going to just do headgasket this time..and do a rebuilt motor down the road...I am hoping if i just normally drive the car i will get at least a 1yr out of it. I don't plan on racing it just my daily driver back and forth to work... is yours still going today?

thanks to all your replies in advance
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Flush it real good, use good oil after flush and you should be fine
Drain all the coolant out of the radiator and drain all the bad oil. Put in cheap oil and run the car for for 10 - 15 mintues and then drain the oil again. If you want repeat once more. I know some big box stores carry oil at like $12 for 5 qts sometime. After this you should be good.

I blew my head gasket in the same way. Had to drive it off the highway and it hydro locked. I then did what I described above and my bottom end was fine and the cylinder walls looked brand new. I drove the car for two seasons after that with no problems relating to the blown head gasket.
As described above, do a flush oil and filter once, drain and again replace oil and filter. Keep a check on your oil for a couple weeks and if no water or anti freeze shows ,I think you should be good. You may want to check your before oil pressure with your after oil pressure and see if there is any difference. ed
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