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I’m selling my AFR 210cc sbc LT1 #1101 Competition Package Race Ready CNC Porting heads. I had the intake bolts custom made for sbc intakes and lt1 intakes can use either one I suggest a single plane like the super victor EFI!
It has 2.08” intake 1.60” exh. Valves
Heads were originally 64cc I just had them at the machine shop to be resurfaced to sell they are around 62cc now.

I had compcams 943 valve spring installed and all individual springs set at a 1.85” height for 268lb seat pressure.

T&D race 1.6 shaft rockers #2317 for the AFR heads with the pedestals with arp hardware.

I will also include complete set of ARP head studs and full set of Trickflow chromoly pushrods.
Tall fabricated valve covers with -10an bulkheads for breather/catch cans
And felpro 1648 valve cover gaskets the ones that are reusable and will last almost forever!!
heads were $2500 and rockers were $1480
plus everything else is close to $4800 of stuff so it's a deal I changed platforms.

Also I only used Mobil 1 synthetic on all these parts!
Feel free to ask me any question I’ll answer.
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