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Aeroforce Interceptor Scan Guages in stock and on sale !!! [email protected]@k inside !!!

The Interceptor OBD2 scan gauge - $219.95 FREE SHIPING !!!!!

What is it?

The Interceptor is a 2 1/16" gauge that reads, displays, and records any two of
up to 28* important engine operating parameters. These parameters are
typically accessed via a scan tool. Scan tools plug into the OBD2 port
(diagnostic port located under the dash) and display critical data necessary for
performance tuning and problem diagnosis. The Interceptor also reads and
clears DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes).

Some examples of these parameters are:
Engine RPM

Knock Retard

Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor

Injector Pulse Width

Turbo or Supercharger Boost Pressure

Fuel Trims

O2 sensor values

and many more...

This gauge will keep you interior looking tight, no bulky laptop, PDA or
unsightly cables to look at. Once installed, the Interceptor will enhance the
appearance of your vehicle's interior, rather than detract from it.

How does it work?

The Interceptor can be run by itself or in tandem with another Interceptor.
The Interceptor initially scans the vehicle for parameters that match those
stored in the unit. This process takes approximately 3-4 seconds. It then
displays any two user chosen parameters on a backlit LCD screen. There are
two switches, one for each field, that allow the user to toggle through these
parameters. The display is updated up to 20 times per second, ensuring that
you will not miss any important data. A menu screen is available that enables
you to record data, replay the recorded data, view any stored trouble codes,
clear these codes, invert the display colors, adjust the scan rate, or return to
the normal real time scan function. The Interceptor automatically powers
down when the vehicle is turned off and stores the current display
configuration. This allows the unit to return to the same screen once the
vehicle is restarted.

Currently the Interceptor will interface with any gasoline powered 1996 and up
GM and Isuzu car or light truck that is OBD2 compliant.

You can order online anytime at or call in your order during business hour at 585-865-1832 .

Thanks ,
[email protected]

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That's actually pretty cool. Too bad it doesn't look to work with OBDI stuff.

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I just bought mine through them. I got the black face with white letters. It will be a great gauge to have to make sure the car is running fine.

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Hey Getinthere .. do you have pics of your interior you'd like to share ? Id like to see what i would end up doing if i had a bank roll like yours . Im working on getting mine .. but this damn college takes soo long .. lol

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