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Hello guys!!! Me and my wife bought a 99 TA 4l60 car. We are from the mustang group (dont hurt me lol) so we hardly know anything about these f body cars or the ls1 motors at all. Car to me was in good shape just needs a little tlc. 100% stock except for a muffler delete and looks to me most of the parts on this car are original. Just for the little of driving in the car i can definitely tell it needs pads and rotors and i need to replace some turn signals and headlights. Due to it being a 99 with 130k miles on it, Are they any reccomendations on
Wheel Tire Plant Car Sky

what parts would be good to replace to get it back up to pace? With those pads and rotors are they any brands you guys suggest to use? My wife is going to use this as a cruising/street car nothing crazy so we arent talking crazy power. Something that handles well and can be enjoyed without being crazy or jarring.

From the little that ive read this is theist ive came up with:

Air filter
Fuel filter
Brake lines
Iridium plugs

Anything that ive missed or going overboard with please let me know. I will accept all advice and knowledge. If you have made it this far in my message, i really do appreciate your guys time. Thank you in advance!
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