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AC delete but still have heat

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Hello, all!
Perhaps it is a dumb question, but I am hoping to put the T/A on a diet of sorts, and since the LT1 is coming out I am hoping to focus attention to the AC system.
I am interested in keeping heating and vent functions working, but have no need for the AC. My question is basically can the bulky underhood and under dash components be thinned out and still retain heating/blower function?
I've read posts pertaining to bypass pullys, but am hoping to go a tad more extreme than that.
The car is honestly going to be spring/summer/fall driven (weather permitting), and will be a playtoy of sorts in that it is not going to be a DD. I can probably do without the heat if there can't be a compromise, but I'd like to retain that if I can.
Thanks in advance.
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You can still keep your heat, just remove ac pump and lines, use ac delete pulley. You will have to keep your blower unit and heater core thats under the dash
Good deal. I am hoping to remove all of the clutter on the firewall associated with that system, too. Looking forward to being able to reach/have access to things under the hood!
You just make a delete plate that is flush with the firewall, bolt it in from inside the car, and have holes for the heater hoses and vacuum line to pass through. All that is under the dash has to be retained. You also have to make a path for the air to blow through because in stock form the air goes past the evap core then across the heater core. If you google something like a/c delete but still retain heat you should find pics etc.
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