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ABS module "gear tension relief sequence"

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I'm in the process of removing the last bits and pieces from the engine bay in preparations for repainting on my '95 Firehawk. I just decided to check the GM service manual prior to removing the ABS module from the car and came across a problem. Before the ABS module is removed, you are supposed to perform the "gear tension relief sequence" in the GM Tech I to relieve tension on the gears. Not having a Tech I, is there another method for doing this, perhaps jumping two pins for a second, or would it be okay to skip it and just take the thing off? The car has been off power (no battery) for 7 years now, so is it possible the tension has released in all that time?

Having little experience with ABS systems, I just don't want to mess anything up.
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I honestly think you will be ok. You may have to bleed the module with a scan tool after re-installation though.
Thanks, that's kind of the direction I was leaning. I really can't see why it's necessary at all for our cars. I can understand on vehicles where the ABS module is integrated with the master cylinder, but with a stand alone unit that won't be disassembled I just don't understand why it's even listed as part of the procedure.
Probably GM and the typical CYA approach :roflmao:
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