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a few races, and a lot of blackmarks

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i suck at storytelling but here it goes. Tonite me and a few other f-bodies met up and went crusin. On my way to meet them a red truck wanted to race. first red light i took it easy, then second red light i went after him. he got a 1 truck lead, but then i mashed it and spun through 1st and 2nd and still caught him by 50. if i had hooked, or had any grip at all on my rear tires, i would of wasted him. then later on after crusin, i catch a red while the rest go on. on the side of me a gorgeous GN pulls up. we run em and i stay right with him, both of us spinning our asses off. i loved the sound of the turbo spooling up. he said he was still tuning it so it wasn't optimal. later on, me and one of my friends are side by side at a light in a decent speed zone. we run them. i stayed right beside him till the 1-2 shift when my TCS engaged on the shift(im an idiot for not turning it off). all in all a good nite. what little tire i had left is now gone i think. i need to practice my street launches, cause they all sucked.
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sounds like some of the nights we have here
Where you located because i drive a red dodge truck and i race anybody that'll go.
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