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98 Z28 Shell $900

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Pulling the LS1 out of the car and need to get rid of the rolling shell. Car will be missing LS1 and trans, everything else that is currently on the car will come included. Please ask any questions you have or let me know if you need any other pictures.

Mileage is 130k, car has a clean title and never been wrecked.

Asking $900 OBO. Located in 91761 Ontario, CA

Can include the LS1 and trans if interested.

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Why pulling the engine and trans out? Would the wiring harness be included?
Trans needs to be rebuilt and I'm going to use it for a project.

The engine harness and PCM are going with the engine. Everything else stays with the shell.

I am willing to sell car with engine minus the Trans but no one seems interested.
Why pulling the engine and trans out? Would the wiring harness be included?
No LT1s do NOT suck.
I'd be interested but unfortunately I'm 3000 miles away.

That quote in my sig is by an LT1 owner. With that said let's keep this on topic...
man that's a steal to say the least. i want to buy it just for spare interior, but would probably end up swapping my drivetrain into it.

too bad you aren't closer
man that's a steal to say the least
Thanks, I thought it was pretty reasonably priced for a clean title complete shell. But I guess not to many people in need of one right now. Someone will pick it up eventually I'm sure.
Still available, taking best offer.
Just too far away.
Dang..,,if it wouldn't cost just as much if not MORE to ship out here to me....I'd be all over this

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Wanna buy dashboard with the cluster, rear end, engine, smth else. Pm me if interested.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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