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97 Trans Am EVAP Diagram Help

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Hello everyone, I've been battling a problem with this car for awhile now. The problem only shows itself when the car is driven around the city in hot weather for long periods of time. When the fuel vapor gets built up to a certain point, I don't think the system is being purged correctly. I'm getting very excessive fuel vapor to the point where the car begins to stall out. When I first got the car, I had to change the canister because charcoal was in the lines. I changed the lines back there too because they were all cracked and old.

So now the car has a brand new delco canister, brand new purge solenoid, and brand new vent valve that is in the back by the canister. I think the whole problem may be that I have the hoses mixed up. I have no Check engine light in regards to this, the only thing I may get is a running rich code which is obvious. From what I remember, I have 3 lines hooked up to the canister. The line that receives engine vacuum I have plugged into the Purge nipple, the nipple for the air has a hose connected, but I can't see where it goes too. And the Tank nipple I have the hose that has the vent valve on it connected there. The only thing that I have not replaced is the vacuum switch.

Thanks for any help.
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