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'97 T/A WS6 6Speed, Black loaded...whats it worth?

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'97 T/A WS6 6Speed, Black loaded...whats it worth?

110,000 mis, bad clear coat, never been wrecked, (well has a "dent" in the front bumper facia/fendder corner, but how do you dent plastic?) original owner, all options except for power and heated seats and Cig lighter!

Bad fuel pump due to crap oxiginated fuel (and sitting for a few months)
Pinion bearing in diff is going
Needs tune up.....
Dash top is cracked....
Needs lifts for the hatch..

All original untouched, grey leather, window sticker, dealer sales receipt..

Been thinking of selling it off. it sits in the drive way covered, I started the work to put in ANOTHER new fuel pump (Last one lasted 3 mos!) but my interest is waning... Not hurting for the money, but I do have other projects......

As spring comes in, I just might get the gumption to finish the fule pump job, tune up and overhaul the diff, do a clear re-spray and call it a day.....
Like I said, my interest is waining......

Had the car now 15 years.... had fun with it.....
So what "might" i expect to fetch for this Black Bird located in Los Angeles?


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If not repaired probably about $2000-2500 if repaired (all) maybe $6k-8k. I personally wouldn't pay more than 3k-4k all fixed. If your not personally attached I say fix it all and see what you can get for it.
You try and sell how it sits someones just gonna lowball the heck outta you. I say keep, fix it, sell it for more later. Cant beat a one owner.
If you do sell it, the hood and air box alone can sell for ~$1000 if they are in good shape. The rims also should fetch a good amount
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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