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Friday I will be getting back my 97 SS and I know the pcm needs to be redone/fixed or something.

The car had a huge cam in it, so we went with a smaller cam, new Flowmaster 3" exhaust, at catalytic converter which wasn't on the car to begin with, new wiring harness, new O2 sensors and some other small things. But the car runs, but runs REALLY rich and is probably pcm related.

It was tuned by horsepower engineering prior to the cam being changed and the results weren't exactly favorable and I don't necessarily want to take it back to them, but I was curious how effective pcmforless would be at fixing the problem on the car.

Any recommendation/thoughts would be great. I am so fed up with messing with this car, but don't really want to sell it either----I just want the thing to run like it should without smelling like it is pouring gas.
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