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Got a 96 Trans am from a local guy, has BBK headers and a spintech exhaust system, no rear o2's and EGR delete, besides that stock. Traded the car for a honda civic. Got the car and it was running really rich, it had a Aeromotive FPR on it(functioning properly), I turned down the pressure to stock pressure. The next day my GF fills it up with 87 octane :craz28:. On the way home it starts missing and has a vibration like the engine isnt running smoothly and has a blinking SES(no knocking or noises). I've since siphoned all the gas I could get out of it and filled it up with 93 octane. I dont know if it hasnt mixed yet but it seems to still be running bad after putting the 93 in it this afternoon. I'm not sure if he had it tuned but I have been reading that the car should have ran alright on 87.
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