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96 TA front end replacement, full part out

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Ok, so I decide to start driving my car after awhile to help get it ready for smog...... The torque converter is now slipping..... I have neither the time or the physical ability to work on it anymore.... So it has to go

I know full well it is worth more apart then together so I will be parting it out..... Unless someone decides to shoot me a reasonable to sell it whole... To be official in Cali it would need a new torque converter (may as well do the whole tranny) and one o2 sensor for smog.......

Moving on.... I doubt it will sell like that but before I allow the vultures to descend I give ya'll one week.... I am gunna post 2 videos and a handful of pics in the following posts.... I know I need to put a number on stuff but I am flexible because if you come out to me and pull it of I will cut you a sweet deal..... My back and knees are screwed so any tough work is gunna be hard for me.

For any questions Call or text me (909) 452-4290
Thanks guys Brandon

PS don't hate on my video skills.... I did my best, also if there is any bandwidth or other upload issue pls someone tell me right away

If you want the Whole car I'll go 2500
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Please post a price, at least for the whole car. This is forum rules. It can just be a starting price or just a number you pull out of your hat, but you must post a price.
Have you got the front bumper for TA 93-97, and how much for the rear one? Shipping will be to 07203. Shoot me a pm.
How about you bring it to me and I fix the car for you...for FREE? and I have spare parts and I will garuantee you pass emissions. This will cost you very little and you still get to keep your car. I am located in SoCal
You're only a little over an hour away. Worst case senario you have to leave your car but I will assure you I will get it to pass.
Added price for the car Pls just text or call me for inquiries.
whole car 800 bucks or come get what you need not sending anything. I am sending it to the wrecker at the end of November no matter what sells.
ill take the dahpad and auto shift plate if youre willing to ship?
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