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96 lt1 6 spd idle problems

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I just put an edelbrock air gap intake on a pretty much stock lt1 and after install it idled high so I checked for excessive vacuum with starting fluid around the intake but it was good. While driving the car accelerated on its own so I threw it in neutral and it revved out to 3100 and stayed there. It will drop back down if I munch on it but after a few seconds idles back up. Im pretty sure there is no excessive vacuum so what else could the problem be, and if possible what vacuum lines can be blocked off to fix this? I'm getting pretty frustrated and could use some help.
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Sounds like your linkage at the throttle body is binding up causing it to stick open. Check linkage a throttle body and accelerator cable.

If that doesn't find the problem, put car on a scanner that does real time sensor data and check tps for out of adjustment, iac counts, and maf readings as your primary suspects. But check all the readings of the sensors to see what is going on.

Did you remove any grounds when you changed the intake, or unplugged any connectors that you might have forgot to plug back in.

If you don't know what sensor readings should be, pm me with your e-mail address and I'll send you the pdf file of "sensor readings and what they mean".
Than for your help but I did get it. There was a plug that goes between the PVC and the egr on the back of the manifold that I thought the plate would cover... but it didn't. It was a 1/2 in thread plug. I feel dumb as all hell but I got it now.
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