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95 z28 VS SRT8 grand cherokee/and a good time

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part 1
i was going to school about 2 nights ago, i was sitting at a red light and i see this car just ON MY ASS, i look and i see its a 2007ish grand cherokee by the headlight shape (it was about 8 at night, dark out) then i notice factory white/purple hids on it and i said to myself ooo its a srt8, so the light turns green and the guy in this jeep is still just unbelievably close to my bumper, at this point im even going 5 over, so i put it into drive, held my speed, and just waited, low and behold he flies over into the right lane and tries to pass, NOPE i hammered the pedal, it downshifted and we were off

but... i got walked, even tho he got the jump it was the slowest definition of a walk ever, more like a crawl, i let off at about 100 (speed limit was 50, long stretch of road) and he gets in front and there's the twin center exhaust and srt8 badge right in front of me

even tho i lost i felt pretty good about it since the only mods ive done are TB bypass/silencer delete, cat delete, flowmaster 40 and homemade cold air my car also has 170,000 on it, and his car had 420 hp from the factory

part 2
now heres the second part, no less than a minute after the race i see a fellow lt1 camaro owner in the rearview, he gets next to me and its IDENTICAL to my car, red, black hardtop, and chrome z06 wheels, we were both laughing as we gave each other a thumbs up, then we proceeded to FLY thru traffic, basically being assholes but it must of been sweet for someone to see two identical z28s flyin down the road weaving in and out of traffic haha, caught the guy at a red light and we shot the shit for a little, he said he had a 6 speed, gears, and headers with true duals and MAN did it sound good compared to mine

sorry this was long but i like to be detailed :D
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Very nice dude!
Nice run, cool story. Bolt ons and go get him! Lol.
Nice run, cool story. Bolt ons and go get him! Lol.
Haha for sure, don't worry I got longtubes in the mail :)
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