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95 trans am premium sound

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Not sure if this info is out there because I see a lot of monsoon bypasses info etc. I have a 95 trans am and went to upgrade all the speakers. I ran my own amp and new subs for the sail panels. I wanted to test what speakers worked and what didn't when I unplugged the amp. From alldata's wiring diagram for the "premium" sound the only thing that amp powers is the subs in the sail panels. If you put regular 6.5 speakers instead of subwoofers you would have to take jump 2 pairs of wires together. But for ALL other speakers if you just unplug the amp and you are using existing wires and not running new wire you do not have to jump any wires for the hatch speakers or the front doors. I unplugged the amp and all the speakers were indeed pumping out music without any jumps.

I put new infinity references 6.5 components in front and some pioneer 4 inch coaxial in the hatch, with 6.5 pyramid subs in the sail panels ran to an amp and capacitor. It sounds much better then the stock setup even on the stock wires and I had a problem with the aftermarket head unit not being able to go over 22 volume when the stock amp was plugged in (it would say wiring error, most likely from the stock amp). I can now crank it up. :D If anyone is planning on upgrading there trans am with the premium audio (94-96?) I can post up pictures of the wiring diagram that shows all the color codes and what goes to where if need be! Good luck! :LS1LT1flag:
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I would love some pictures, I plan on upgrading my sound system when I get back home. I also have a 95 Trans am
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