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95 lt1 in a 93 body... NO start!

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I wrecked my 95 so I purchased a good 93 body.

I swapped my

  • 95 lt1 (all 95 accessories on the motor still)
  • 95 transmission
  • 95 pcm
  • 95 engine bay wiring harness

The car will crank but it will not start.

I do not hear the fuel pump prime. I thought it might be a fuel pump issue so I shorted the fuel pump relay to turn the fuel pump on. The fuel pump did turn on after I gave it power. While the fuel pump was on, I cranked the car and still no start.

I believe it's something in the wiring such as the 12 pin obd1 port vs my my 95 had the obdII 16 pin port.

What did I miss that is different from the 93 to 95?

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Um, right off the bat, theres a lot different.

The chassis side of the engine harness really should be swapped over to the 95 along with the dash cluster. That would be the easiest and simplest way to do it I think.

Otherwise you will need to match up what the 93 chassis side engine harness does power wise.

Sounds like you are missing injector or coil power.

Sounds like vats to me. Is the security light on? You should tune vats out of your pcm and then you can bypass the theft deterrent module inside the car. If you want to go this direction, post up and we'll figure out the wiring. You may also have issues with the engine harness to dash harness of the different years.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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