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Hi I have a 1995 Chevy Camaro Z28 it has only 36k Miles. Car was sitting for about 1 year in my garage. I just recently took the car out of my garage, the car had a oil leak from the water pump drive seal. (which is a common problem) I replaced all the timing seals (water pump drive, Opti seal, crank seal.) while I was down there I also replaced opti and the water pump gaskets to make the overall performance of the car better. The Car has a brand new battery, brand new rotors, all fluids changed last week! Car body is in good shape paint not fading, no peeling, the interior of the car is in Great Shape! besides the driver seat has a rip on the side witch is sowed up but its also a common spot for rip on these 95 Camaros with cloth. The Car is hot rod red with tan cloth seats.. car is also a hardtop (no T-tops) car is auto with the powerful LT1 5.7L v8 pushing 275 HP @ 5,000 rpm; 325 ft lb , 441 Nm @ 2,000 rpm. Car is completely Stock witch is very rare these days!

Please Email Me! thank you! [email protected]
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