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Putting a carb engine in your 4th gen means you have to change to a regular type sbc distributor, mounted at back of intake. In the 4th gen, this is a very bad thing as there is no room to change cap and rotor, and no way to remove distributor without dropping the engine.

since you state you don't know computers or wiring, I would suggest selling your v-6 car and buying a lt1 car. It will be much less stressful on you.

However, you do need to learn these skills for any car made after around 1985. So find as much info as you can on auto electrics, electronics, fuel injection, computer control. Then start learning.

To start your learning journey off, go to 4th gen section and look for thread titled "GM service manuals" There is a large selection of downloadable 4th gen factory service manuals there. They have many pages dedicated to driveability, emissions, electrical on these cars.
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