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Hi!, Ive got a 95 Camaro. Ive visited this site a tons of times and usually find the answers I am looking for, but this time no luck.

Here is my Delimma, My dome lights dont work at all. there is no dinging sound when the door is open and the keys are left in it. the Cig lighter dosent work, the radio will show the clock display but as soon as you turn off the car it resets the time. the radio its self dosent work. The heater is blowing out cold air, the power seats will go forward but wont go back. and my keyless entry no longer works. the horn will work my dash lights work, headlights work, and car is now saying its over heating. but since its like 30 degrees outside and I was driving on the freeway I dont believe what the thermostat is saying. Im not a mechanic but I am pretty handy. The car does have an after market CD player added into it with the factory one still there. All these problems just happend about a month ago the rest of the 4 years I have had the car there hasent been issues.
so Please help.
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