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Just read a thread where our member cahall talked about using different year 4l60E's in cars.

As you know 95 is a stand alone year. It has pwm, different control valve, solenoid from 96 & 97 4l60E.

However, you can use a 96 or 97 trans in your 95 if you swap the following components from the 95 into the new trans.

You will need the complete valve body with all solenoids, separator plate, and wiring harness from the 95 trans.

You put these components in the 96 or 97 trans, and it will work fine in your 95 lt1 car.

If you own a 95 3.4 v-6 car, you can use the 96 or 97 60 degree bell housing trans in your 95 v-6 car by swapping same parts listed above.

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To add, if you’re going from 95-97 to 93/94 you will also need to swap pumps to a non-PWM pump in addition to the factory 93-94 harness (aftermarket harnesses are designed to work with all years) as well as separator plate, 93 or 94 valve body and 3-2 control solenoid. Trans parts shops will sell you a 96+ PWM solenoid as a replacement for the original 3-2 control solenoid as it’s the same solenoid functionally and its 9-11 ohm resistance will work with the 93-94 vehicle pcm.

here is a pic showing the 93-94 (top), 95 (bottom left) and 96-00 (bottom right) separator plates for comparison. Focus on the circled areas for the differences between them.
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