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94 vs 95 pcm identification?

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Hows it going everyone? So heres the deal, I decided to revive my 94 ta after its sat for about 8 years. Before it was parked I lost 3rd/4th gear (assuming the clutch pack went bad). So knowing this and having limited funds, i want to find a salvage tranny for the car. But this is where it gets interesting. When i bought the car years ago i was told by the previous owner the engine in it was out of a corvette(but was never told whay year id assume a close year). Well anyways knowing this i have been wondering if the transmission was from a the same car as the engine and if the swap was done correctly the pcm should match the year as well right? Weeeeeell this is where is gets "interesting." I crawled under the car today and read the id tag on the transmission which read "5cnd05" which I believe comes from a 95 pickup truck. So this got me thinking about what id read about the 94s pcm not jiving well with 95 transmissions or vice versa, and if they are missmatched perhaps this contibuted to the clutch pack burn up. So now im at a crossroads and want to find the proper transmission for the pcm that is in my car. How can I identify between the 94 and 95 pcms?
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Sure wish this post would get approved so i could get some help...
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