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94 TA GT is gone... Here came the 02 Hawk

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Last night Traded in my Very nice condition black 94 TA GT for a very very very nice condition 02 Trans Am Firehawk (unsure of build # yet as it didn't come with paperwork). i checked RPO listing and it is a hawk. does have the SLP sticker on the door jamb as well.

once i give it a bath and a wax, pics will follow.

it has....

Long tube pace setter ceramic coated headers, Stock lid (non blackwing) LS6 intake (stock) 241 heads, a sway bar of some type over the engine with an edelbrock sticker on it, 275/40r17 tires, firehawk rims (stock) and Tuning by "Fastchip". i contacted fastchip to try to figure out what was done to it and he cannot tell me... go figure. I may try and have someone plug into it and tell me how much tuning was done. feels like stock cam, no lope, beautiful idle, but the engine does have a timing gear like whine to it. has 73K miles, and came with a 2 year 24K mile warrenty to replace dang near anything at any dealership/repair shop i wish as longa s they are ASE certified. Arctic white on black leather interrior, T tops.

and yes... i'm in the very very very back corner of the dog house with the wife over it....
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SLP just told me car # 153, base package.
Congratz...based on your very very very excited tone...I guess the dog house is worth it :)
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Very nice. Looks good in white, and not many of them seen on the road
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