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'94 LT1 C5 Brake Conversion

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I know this has been discussed ad nauseum, but I'm looking for further clarification.
For my '94 Z28...
I've got Right & Left LS1 steering knuckles, 12.8 (or .9) rotors, Corvette C5 2-piston caliper & abutments.
Aside from bolts, pins, pads & lines - am I good to go, OR do I ALSO need brackets?
Its not very clear to me. I understand that if I want to use the LT1 knuckles, I have to saw off the "ears" and DEFINATELY need brackets.
As the C5 abutments line up with the LS1 holes, I'm wondering if that's all that matters.
I am running 17' & 18" wheels...

Go ahead and flame me - I can take it. It's just that I've searched forums and seem to be getting conflicting info.

Fort Worth
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