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Hi All,I'd like to get some guidance from you electrically inclined folks on this. i am hooking up the A/C in the El Camino and understand that i will only be using 1 wire from the LT1's PCM. please correct me if i am wrong in my understanding from the below. i think i have an organized mess of wires and i have all the necessary schematics but my eyes are glazing and its a little hard to connect the dots. This is what i have so far.

* initially the donor car LT1 came with one electric fan and one mechanical fan. i now have dual electric fans

FUSE BOX PIC (TOP VIEW):Looks like this fuse box was set up to run dual elec. fans. only had 1 fan relay (green one) to start with. i had moved it from the PRI-COOL PLUG (OUTLINED IN YELLOW) to the SEC-COOL PLUG so the fan(s) would work once the eng. temp got to normal operating temp. (NOT). It currently does this and all is well.
I plan on using the other elec. fan to come on when the A/C is engaged and use this fan relay from instead of using a trinary switch (see link). i want to try to connect it into the PRI-COOL PLUG (OUTLINED IN YELLOW) wiring . Is this possible?

FUSE BOX (BOTTOM PIC): the 2 black and 1 orange wire (holding). if you follow the one black wire going into the fuse box with the white heat shrink, this is open/not used. the other black wire goes to the green fan relay, the fan(s) come on when NOT is reached. the orange wire is always hot (+).

the 3 brown wires (taped): 2 go to the A/C relay and one goes to the PRI - FAN 10 A fuse. Coming out of the A/C relay and going to the PCM are the one drk green (blue taped wire) (B21, a/c clutch status) and one green/white(little hard to see) (D8, a/c clutch relay). Can this mess be used to connect the fan relay from coldhose?

ELKY's FOUR SEASONS A/C SCHEMATIC: i will use the one Lt. Green coming out of the pressure cycling switch(going to the fast idle solenoid) and splice(will solder this) it into to the drk. blue (B1, a/c request signal) coming out of the PCM. As this will bump up the idle when the A/C is turned on? yes?

Elky's BLOWER FAN/ACUMULATOR AREA PIC: drk. green wire (unlabeled) goes directly to drk. green wire coming out of LT1 compressor (supplies power from sliding switch in climate control), black wire goes directly to black wire coming out of compressor. Lt. green goes to B1 wire coming out of PCM

Thanks!, i really appreciate all the help!!


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