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94 computer with 97 motor

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Hello I am new to the site and to camaros. I have a 94 z28 and I am told that they put in a 97 motor. But they say that the computer is still for the 94. Is that going to cause any issues and is there anyway to tell if it is a 94 vs. a 97. Thank you like I said completely new to these cars and trying to learn as much as I can before I start trying to build it up.
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Welcome to the site.... The basic block and top end are the same, it's the '94 sensors, opti, other stuff that's different between '94 and '97 setups. The front cover on a '97 has a cam sensor that will not be used by the for '94 PCM. The sensor may still be in the '97 timing cover, but no connector will be attached. see pic upper left corner ref . AND the '97 timming cover will have a bigger hole to drive the opti, see same pic. The '94 and '97 opti spark are physically different , but electrically the same. If you have a '97 timing cover then you will have a '97 opti spark. The '95-97 opti's have two vent ports to help prolong opti life. see pic here . The newer opti also has a different harness connection at the opti end, and the two vent hoses should be added to the '94 intake snorkel and intake manifold with correct air harness. Rob's site has a wealth of info..
the ONLY issue directly plugging a 1994 computer into a 1997 engine and harness is that the knock sensor is different

in fact you're better off -- tuning software is now 1/4 of the price
Right on. And one more question while we are at it if I was to buy a programmer I would go with 94 or 97?
The computer dictates what system your car is. Yours would be a 94 obd1 system. If the car used the 97 computer it would be an obd2 system, as are 96 computers.
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