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94 camaro issues!! Help!

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So I just recently purchased a 94 camaro v6-automatic. All stock. Except previous owner installed exhaust. Just mufflers I believe. Im new to camaros. Did imports forever. But here is my problem. I was driving recently and all of a sudden the car drives itself. What I mean is its almost like the car gets stuck in a gear. Always sticks at 2k rpm. Ill accelerate and let off and its like its on auto drive. Just will Rev high and maintain speed. Yes it will slow down when i break. But if I come to a dead stop its over. Lol. Cause as soon as I accelerate from a dead stop, me actually pressing down on the gas will choke the car. It will bog out and die. I've stalled like 6 times dead at intersections. And each time it took about 2min to finally get going. Had to go back in park, would turn the key and wouldn't turn over. And if it did manage to start, switching from park to drive would make the car jerk hard and die. So recently I made the discovery of when that happens I need to start when in neutral. Cause the downshift to drive wont kill the car from there. Smh. So another words as of now the car is parked and undriveable and also when I do get it to start. When it idles in park it idles rough in the beginning then climbs and sticks at 2k rpm. I did have a thin cloud of white smoke at 1 start up. But it got less and less with each start up. Now there is no smoke. But the car always smells like gas when running. Fumes coming from somewhere. Pretty strong. And there is a light burning smell coming from the engine, almost like the smell of overheating. Thats another thing too. All the gauges look fine. Throughout all the stall outs, bad idles. The car never overheats. Voltage looks good, etc. So im at a loss. If anyone has any idea what may be wrong let me know. Any help is appreciated. Previous owner told me he once had a similar problem. His was related to a vacuum leak? Idk if mine is that simple. Lol. Also check engine light is on. But can't get the damn thing anywhere to pull the code. Plus I'd have to pay like 60+ bucks to get the code from a shop cause its a 94 and as I recently discovered places like autozone/orielly only check 96 and later models. Fml. So if this is a big work load I might as well cut my loses and sell the car. Hopefully I can recover some of the $ I spent. Like I said ill appreciate any help you guys can give. Thanks so much!

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