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1994 firebird formula A4
When I 1st start up the car its hard as hell to take the car out to park.
It's only when I 1st start it but it happens every time. Also when driving you can drop it down to 2nd then you can move it abit lower then 2nd, and it goes into 1st, at 1st we thought it was just a mod or mess up however, i can put it in "1st" and then drive it WOT or slow and it wont shift to 2nd unless i put it in 2nd. However not sure if a shift kit would do have this effect on the car.

any ideas?

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Put the car up in the air and disconnect the shift cable at the transmission. Try moving the linkage on the trans and see if it's still hard to move. If not, it's in your shifter. If it is, it could be something wrong with the park rod in the trans.
If your car came with 2.73 gears, they blocked manual 1st in the shifter. All 4L60Es are capable of manual 1st in the transmission itself.

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